About Us

These parody games have been loving created over a period of months by fans, who wanted to create hilarious experiences for other like-minded fans. Our games have been tested and played by us for months before release to ensure they provide hours of laughs over and over again. We hope you enjoy playing them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

We also love seeing your funniest and most evil card combinations! Feel free to post them to our Facebook page or drop us an email!


The moment the payment went through I was able to download the files. The low-ink options are very convenient! Thanks so much for making such a great product!

Brandi W

Great item! Easily printed it online through office depot minutes after ordering. Thank you for a great product, super excited to play it!

Ashlee C

We purchased the Disney game and we were in fits of laughter the whole night long. The cards are well thoughtout and simply hilarious. Definitely highly recommend this to any Disney fans.

Caroline D

Can't wait to play this with my Disney obsessed friends. I have been reading some of the cards as I printed it out and they are everything you would hope they would be. Definitely not for kids.

Rachel J