Cards Against Disney (Digital Download)

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Disclaimer: This game is a digital download. You will not receive a physical item if you purchase this product. Should you have any questions, please ask before purchasing, as we are not able to issue refunds on digital items.

This is the original, highly anticipated, incredibly offensive, hilariously funny (and VERY unofficial) Disney themed edition of the game. This is the full downloadable version of Cards Against Disney! It contains 828 cards (260 black cards, 568 white cards, and both the black and white backs). With so many cards, its designed to be used as a stand alone game, but it would work quite nicely with your other decks as well.

This game is a must for all Disney fans with an evil sense of humor. Its guaranteed to bring hours of laughs! You don't want to miss out on owning this game if you are a Disney fan!

This game is only available as a download (no physical version) due to the number of cards in the deck, and it will only be released in this format. We want to be able to release this to a global audience, and this is the only viable way to do so. We have listened to all of your feedback from our previous game (Cards Against Muggles) and now include all of the following PDF files with every order to make sure everything prints smoothly:

The full game with rounded corners
The full game with straight corners
The white card back (two versions with different spacing)
The black card back (two versions with different spacing)
A low ink version, where the black cards are on a white background
A low ink black back (two versions with a black dot to assist with differentiation)

All the advice we have for printing has come from feedback from our customers (which we love and appreciate!). You can purchase card stock from office supply stores and have the cards printed onto that. Some office supply stores may even be able to print the cards for you. Other people are choosing to get their cards laminated after printing on normal paper. The choice is completely up to you! We should remind you that we have had hours of fun playing this game, and the enjoyment comes from content of the game, not how it is printed. No matter how you print it out, so long as you are a Disney fan with an evil sense of humour, you will love this game!

As you would expect (and hope for!) this is very much adults only game! (18+). Please note that due to the digital nature of this product, we unable to issue any refunds. We are happy to answer any of your questions before purchasing this item.

Important Information: This game is a parody of Cards Against Humanity and is not affiliated with the makers of that game. We strongly recommend you purchase and support their game if you have not already done so at 

Cards Against Disney is not endorsed, sanctioned or in any other way supported directly or indirectly by The Walt Disney Company, their affiliate companies or their representatives. All Disney characters, names and related indicia are trademarks of are (C) The Walt Disney Company, (C) Disney, (C) Pixar or their affiliated companies