Printing Advice

While we are not printers, we can give some feedback on how other customers have printed their games out. We want to point out that the fun of the game comes from playing it, not how it is printed. Any way you can turn this into a hard copy will bring hours of laughs when played with other like minded fans. However, here are just a few ideas we have heard from others.

  • Try speaking to an office supply store (Staples, Officeworks etc) and see if they can print it on card stock for you.
  • Purchase your own card stock and print it at home, or at a workplace, school, university etc.
  • Print it on plain paper and then laminate the cards 
  • As there are a number of cards to print the entire games, you may wish to share the workload with a friend or family member
  • Just print it out on normal paper and cut it out to have a quick ad hoc game in a few minutes
  • Do a search online for guides on easy ways to create your own cards

If you have any suggestions that you would like to share in relation to how to print your game, please let us know!